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Video Wednesday #2

This week’s offerings…

We Have Band – Divisive – MYSPACETWITTER
One of those videos I can’t stop watching… Divisive released 22nd March 2010


So weird but so damn good.

HURTS – Wonderful Life – MYSPACE
Fantastic track.  HURTS are elusive and mysterious and I like it that way.

Feeder – Insomnia – MYSPACETWITTER
Before they went a bit… shit?

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Video Wednesday #1

Every Wednesday I’m going to share some videos. Some old, some new, some forgotten, anything goes.

The Knife – Pass This On – MYSPACETWITTER
The King & Queen of Swedish weirdness… Tomorrow, in A Year released 1st March 2010 (and I for one cannot wait!)

Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn – BUYMYSPACETWITTER
A really catchy little number from Two Door Cinema Club and an entertaining enough video.  Single released 22nd February 2010.  Debut album released 1st March 2010.

Mew – She Came Home For Christmas – MYSPACETWITTER
Beautiful song, simple as that. No More Stories… Out Now.

Cha-Cha – Phonographic Love – BUYMYSPACETWITTER
Who said videos can’t be fun…  the song’s not half bad either. Single released 31st january 2010.

Ice Black Birds – Ears To The Ground – DOWNLOADMYSPACETWITTER
The song does nothing that interesting until about the 1.30 mark and then it’s worth paying attention.  For a song only 3.10minutes long, there are a lot of different styles, I’ve yet to decide whether this is a good thing but then I have found myself listening through a few times, so it can’t be all that bad, can it.  Watch the video, download the song (using the link just above) and actually, you’ll find yourself wanting to hear it again… Single released 29th March 2010.

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Ellie goulding in bbc Radio one’s Live lounge

I know yesterday’s blog was all about Ellie Goulding but this is just a quick one in response to her rather beautiful performance on BBC Radio One’s Live Lounge session she did today.

Click here to watch her performances of current single ‘Starry Eyed’ and her Temper Trap cover ‘Sweet Disposition’.

I have ripped the audio…  better quality may appear elsewhere but for now, this is quite acceptable (if a little quiet).  The noise of a mic being knocked quietly in the background was the actual performance, not the recording :)

Starry Eyed (Live Lounge 23.02.10) 

Sweet Disposition (Live Lounge 23.02.10)

Enjoy :) (And I promise some non-Ellie related blogging is coming!)

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Ellie goulding:- worth the hype?

I am surprised I have controlled myself for this long with only a brief mention of Ellie Goulding.  I first heard Ellie on Huw Stephens’s Radio One show back in the middle of last year,  I don’t know what exactly made me go on the hunt for more but I did and I have been in a little Ellie Goulding shaped musical bubble ever since.

It must be hard being a hyped artist, there’s nothing fake about Ellie Goulding and she is really where she is because people like her and her music and have believed in her.  It interests me seeing how the tables have turned the more hype she is getting.  I remember after hearing her track on Huw Stephens’ show I hunted online for more information, mp3’s, gig dates, videos, anything, the content was minimal and only really niche places were featuring her and she was cool and exciting but now she has (quite deservedly) won The Brits Critics Choice award and topped the BBC’ Sound of 2010 poll it seems that there are fears of her becoming overhyped.  Something she can’t really control.  I am of the opinion all judgements shouldn’t be cast in iron until the album (due out 1st March) is released.  I do find it very interesting how she can get a lovely interview on The Quietus but also support the likes of Little Boots and judging by comment on forums and You Tube, there are a lot of Ellie fans who come more from the Little Boots/Florence/Pixie Lott/La Roux/<insert any female artist from the last 18months>  Perhaps evidence that she has a wide appeal.

Ellie Goulding is very different from the aforementioned female artists, coming from a different musical background (cover’s of her favourites… Bon Iver & Midlake) and with Ellie it is 95% music and 5% image.   With the influx of female artists it is interesting to see that perhaps we are finally rid of the 5% music and 9 image (cough, cough)

Anyway, enough enough.  The music.  Ellie Goulding’s vocals are faultless, unique, full of emotion and genuine.  She can sing, and as she says, all her songs originated with jut her and her acoustic, it is then the magical electro touch of her friend/producer Starsmith that creates the finished product.  Having seen her live earlier on this month, I can honestly say she can sing.  She can perform and engage purely through her ability to sing in a somewhat captivating way and her humbleness is quite endearing.

‘Starry Eyed’, Ellie’s second single, is released today and her album ’Lights’ is released next Monday (1st March)  I guess it will be then that we will see who is one what side and whether she really is worth the hype.

Download – Under The Sheets (Baby Monster Remix)

Download – Sleepyhead (Passion Pit Cover) Feat. Starsmith

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XBox reverb gig:- Ellie goulding, chew lips & Wolf Gang @ Cardiff Arts Institute

Having a look at past reviews of Xbox Reverb gigs there has been mixed views on such events.  In the case of Xbox Reverb you apply to go to an event when they announce and tickets are given out (free!) on a first come first served basis.  When you get to the event you are given an Xbox Reverb pass.  This pass will allow you priority to future events and will allow you (if you let them) to update your twitter at the event itself.  Ultimately it is one big huge PR and marketing drive.  However, it is giving the chance for the average person to go to a gig for free and see (usually) and new and exciting artist (not just a band plucked from obscurity to front such events.)  Personally, I can look past the heavy marketing/pr/advertising and see it as a way of gig goers getting a chance to see music for free in a cool little venue.  Also, naturally, the venue was packed with Xboxes and the chance to play DJ Hero among other XBox games, okay so that was a heavy bit of promotion right there, but equally good fun and a bit of a novelty.

As for the music…

Wolf Gang were the first band on, introduced by Huw Stephens, we were told were chosen by Ellie Goulding herself.  Wolf Gang have had comparisons to Passion Pit, which in all honestly, live, I couldn’t hear but on record I must admit there is a certain whiff of Passion Pit about them.  This is not a bad thing.
Wold Gang were tight.  They knew what they were doing, almost too well?  There was little interaction between the band members, but I couldn’t fault their ability to provide a catchy little indie pop song and I have no doubt these could get a big chunk of radio one daytime loving.  As much as I enjoyed them I can’t say I was left hurrying out to buy their album.

Wolf Gang

Second support were Chew Lips.  They have been a band I’ve been meaning to check out for ages, seeing there name crop up here and there and seeing them compared to other artists I really like.  I am undedcided on these guys.  Imagine throwing Hot Chip, The Gossip and Karen O into a big vat,mixing well and putting the contents on a stage.  That’s how it felt.  Their sound, heavily synth driven is nothing new and although in itself there is nothing wrong with the music and vocals, they aren’t anything original.  In fact, it wasn’t until their last song of the night, Solo, had I realised I had heard this nuerous times on the radio, without realising it was them and thinking it was just some Karen O wannabe.  Live, they put on a good show.  Lead singer, Tigs, is fun to watch.  She gets into it and lets go as she prances around the stage (I say prance, the stage was rather small after the bands gear was in there, shall we say she shuffled spritely instead?) and the performance itself was enjoyable.  Unfortunately at a time where everyone and their mum are making synth driven electronic music with female vocals you need a few killer hooks or bass line and I don’t think Chew Lips have *quite* found it yet.

Chew Lips

It must be incredibly hard to be hyped up as much as Ellie Goulding.  As much as she must love and be proud of the fact she is one of the hottest things in the music industry right now and that she has won both the BBC’s Sound of 2010 and the BRIT Awards 2010 Critics’ Choice, it must be difficult playing to an audience that have so much expectation and you have released nothing but one single.
It was quite fitting for me, Huw Stephens introducing Ellie Goulding to the stage, telling us we probably won’t get a chance to see her in such a small and intimate venue again anytime soon (which will no doubt be true.) as it was back in the early Summer of last year I first heard her on his show and I fell in love, instantly.  Ever since I have been following her and listened to everything I could get my ears on about 234879 times.
This was the first time I had seen her live and was too excited.  She didn’t disappoint.  She began her set quite timid but blossomed as it went on, I must admit I did wonder how smiley she would be, with her Jools Holland performance in mind (I think she was just too nervous to smile!) I wasn’t expecting it to be much, but she was totally engaging and smiley.  She treated us to a cover of Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition”  which worked really well with her vocals and her acoustic.  Proving she doesn’t hide behind electronics like some of her contemporaries.
Ellie’s vocals were flawless, her voice different from anything out there and the ability to make a song interesting.  Unfortunately her vocals got hidden a little bit behind the drums although that was more than likely because it was a small venue and I was stood right by the drums.  She closed with her second single “Starry Eyed” (released 22nd February 2010) and made it a really interesting performance ad-lib-ing here and there making this song really enjoyable live.  I have tickets to go and see her on her tour in March, by which time her debut,”Lights” will have been released (and listened to many,many times I am sure!) and I will go having heard most of the songs on the setlist, something which I do personally prefer when going to see a gig.  Her set was well arranged and quite frankly, I cannot wait until March!

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New Album Releases (First 1/4 of 2010)

Here are some of the releases I am looking forward to this first quarter of 2010…

Final Fantasy – Lewis Takes Action (taken from “Heartland” due 18th Jan) (Actually, aren’t we to call him Owen Pallett now!?)

Four Tet – Love Cry (taken from “There Is Love In You” due 26th Jan)

Spoon – Written in Reverse (taken from “Transference” due 26th Jan)

Los Campesinos! – The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future (taken from “Romance is Boring” due 1st Feb)

Hot Chip – One Life Stand (taken from “One Life Stand” due 1st Feb)

Yeasayer – Ambling Amp (taken from “Odd Blood” due 8th Feb)

Marina and the Diamonds – I am not a Robot (taken from “Family Jewels” due 15th Feb)

Ellie Goulding – (“Lights” due 1st March) – (as far as I am aware no tracklisting has been announced yet, so here, have this one!)

Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can’t See The Land (taken from “The Winter of Mixed Drinks” due 1st March)

The Knife – Colouring of Pigeons (taken from “Tomorrow, In A Year” due 1st March) (DOWNLOAD for free & legally!)

Personally, I can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on all of these but I am most looking forward to Ellie Goulding, Los Campesinos! and The Knife. Honestly, how incredible is The Knife and Opera.

Happy listening!

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